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1Self Cert Mortgage  v.1Internet / Search ToolsFreeFreeware160 Kb
2L-CERT plugin for OLSRd  v.1.0Utilities / NetworkFreeFreeware161 Kb
3KFile-Cert plugin  v.0.1Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware583 Kb
4Self Cert Mortgage Calculator  v.1Business / Miscellaneous-Shareware276 Kb
5Cert CCNA Router Simulator  v.2.0Home & Education / Miscellaneous$24.95Demo7 Mb
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1Free CompTIA A+ Practice Exams: ProProfs  v.2.2.1Home & Education / Training ToolsFreeFreewareDetail

ProProfs FREE A+ Practice Exams includes A+ practice tests and practice questions. Provides a free dynamic A+ practice exam engine. A+ practice tests includes explanations, custom A+ practice exams, A+ certification exam tips, flashcards and reports.

2.92 Mb  v.4.0 Alpha 6Internet / MiscFreeFreewareDetail


81 Kb
3CAcert & Junk Buffering Mail Filter  v.1.0Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

CA cert & Junk Buffering Mail Filter is a tool for preventing delivery of email until the sender has confirmed their address. 2 options : replying to a confirmation mail or using a valid X509 cert signed mail. It is a global achievement to prevent ...

0 Kb
4KFile-Cert plugin  v.0.1Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

KFile-Cert is a kfile-plugin for KDE.

583 Kb
5Net::APNS::Feedback for Linux  v.0.02Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Retrieve data from Apple's APNS feedback service

10 Kb
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1ProfExam Player  v.4.2.1608.0603Home & Education / Training Tools$19.95Shareware1.63 Mb

exam test, testing cert

2ProfExam Simulator  v.6.3.1802.2724Home & Education / Training Tools$24.99Shareware11.3 Mb

exam test, testing cert

3ProfExam Suite  v.6.3.1802.2724Home & Education / Training Tools$49.99Shareware11.63 Mb

exam test testing cert

4Testuff  v.1.37Business / Project Management$27.00Shareware10.2 Mb

software testing, test management, manual testing, on-demand, saas, gui testing, web testing, functional testing, regression testing, qa testing, video, trac, bugzilla, fogbugz, lighthouse, jira, mantis, bug tracker integration

5Testing Master  v.1.0Web Development / Site Management$100.00Shareware1.21 Mb

automated testing, stress testing, perfomance testing, site testing, website testing

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