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ETest Student-Testing Package  v.beta1

eTest is an online, academic testing package for use in secondary and collegiate-level settings. The goal is to provide a secure, user-friendly way to administer tests, quizzes, etc... online, and provide a way to grade and report on the testing

Fasper - Parser Testing Framework  v.rc

Fasper is a framework for parser verification, developed using java and antlr. Fasper uses a "golden model" based testing approach and can be integrated with JUnit. Any parser can be verified by using a

IP and Ethernet testing Tool  v.0.8.5

IP and Ethernet testing Tool ("IET") is an ethernet bridge addon for testing of network applications. It emulates network error conditions like packet loss, delay and bandwidth restraints. IET focuses on testing of network

JavaWeb Documentation and Testing System  v.rc

Web system in JSF and Hibernate to dynamically import , store in DB , search and display javadoc from source. Downloads & versioning. Testing sections to help students prepare for certification exams (JSCP, SCWCD,etc) ( MySQL, Geronimo 2.1.4

Js functional and unit testing framework  v.2.3.0

JsFUnit is a Functional and Unit Testing framework for client-side (in-browser) JavaScript. It be based on

LAIKA: EHR Testing Framework  v.1.4.1

Laika analyzes and reports on the interoperability capabilities of EHR systems. This includes the testing for certification of EHR software products and

Lasall testing repository  v.1.0

Manually packaged projects for fast distribution (and testing

Regexp Testing Tool  v.8.1

Regexp testing tool allows to apply group of regexps to huge arrays of data (millions or so) in order to investigate search or search/replacement possibilities of regexp

RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub  v.1.7.2

For further information regarding RTH visit our blog at You can learn more about the history of RTH, the current status and our Demo (Live) system for testing of

RyC Unit Testing  v.1.0

RyC Unit Testing is a simple set of Ruby scripts designed to facilitate the use of Unit Testing with the C programming Language. It does all the hard work for you so you can focus on refining your

Semantic Mapping Testing  v.1.0

Testing tool for Semantic Bridges. Supports the evaluation of rule-based (SWRL) ontology mappings to provide trust in a distributed multi-actor environment with heterogeneous independent information models materialized in OWL ontologies. See

SHIFT State-Hierarchy Functional Testing  v.0.1.2

SHIFT (State-HIerarchy Functional Testing) provides a new way to test your web apps. It extends other web testing frameworks to allow significantly better testing with less effort, and opens up new ways to test which have never been possible

Simple C++ Testing Framework  v.0.31

A very simple but effective testing framework for C and C++

SWTBot - SWT/Eclipse functional testing  v.

SWTBot is an automation and testing tool for SWT/RCP applications, with the facility to record and playback scripts. Features will include, text based scripts, ant support for playback of test suites, reporting, and multi threaded

Symbian OS C++ Unit Testing Framework  v.1.04

A C++ unit testing framework, in the style of CxxUnit, for Symbian OS. (For more information, forums and mailing lists please visit the project Home Page

Testing and teaching program Thesaurus  v.4408

"Thesaurus" is a universal OLE-based testing and teaching program with powerful test constructor. It can be used at schools, colleges and

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